- Super Small
- 0.5-10 sec. Short Power Outage Protection
- Wide Usage of Voltage / Input Voltage   110V/220V
- Hard Condition Resistant
- Super Economic in Power Saving

- It automatically turns back ON when machines such as spindles with high inertia stall during operating due to a sudden power outage.
(This can prevent incidents, in which people have to run about here and there to restart numerous production machines stalled by a sudden power outage)

- Green LED (MONITOR) indicating Power, and   Red LED for Operation
- Re-trigger Set-up TIME: 0~5SEC+0~5SEC   =10SEC

1. Check List Before Use
Please make sure that the product specifications are the same as ordered.
Check to ensure that no damage has occurred during delivery, and that there are no defects or missing items.

2. Rated Voltage

(1) Controlled Voltage: 220V AC